A New Water Power

I’d like to start things off by catching up on an old favorite. A few years ago, I caught tidbits on the internet about a Dr. Mills of MIT who had claimed to have discovered how to release massive amounts of energy from water, of all things. There wasn’t much coverage, and what there was generally looked like this.
In physics and chemistry of any level we have all been taught that electrons can only fall into certain set orbitals around atomic nuclei. Different configurations of electron positions make the various elements possible, and making it manageable for anyone to actually memorize anything in chemistry. Dr. Mills, though, through a particular process of electrolyzing water, has created hydrogen atoms who’s electrons are in a slightly smaller orbit- dubbed hydrinos. Your high school teacher was still correct in that reduction of a quantum state, an electron going to a lower orbital, releases a great deal of energy no longer needed to maintain it. Likewise this slight reduction in orbit releases a sizable amount of electrical energy without losing the hydrogen atom- approximately 200 times as much energy as simply burning the hydrogen, according to Mill’s company site.

The very fundamentals of atoms as we know them are wrong? Go home physics, you’re drunk! But wait- here are the validations-

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